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We love indulging our customers with our uncompromising goodness from our Soups and Sweets. Below, are a few lovely comments shared by our loyal clients.

Sandra’s sweet potato pie is the BEST EVER !!! The crust is perfectly cooked and flakey, with a delicious, spicy, and moist sweet potato filling ! Highly recommend trying it.  You will LOVE it!

Stacy B- Los Angeles, Ca

I warmed up Sandra’s mouthwatering blueberry loaf cakes, and I wanted to slap someone. It’s was so good! 

Lisa P – Montclair, New Jersey

Your senses will be delighted by the blend of ingredients, selected to make the soups and baked goods. Bravo

Mark T – NY, NY

I have known Sandra for over 20 years, as a model, actress, and foodie. Everything she does, she does to perfection. Her meals and desserts reflect her sophisticated palate and yet, eating her food makes you feel like you’re sitting down to a home cooked meal. Prepared by someone who loves you. And that is why, during Covid19; when I was separated from the ones I love, I sent them meals and desserts from Sandra. Sandra will go out of her way to help you to select the right foods and quantities. And she is happy to accommodate all of your needs, including food allergies. My son says, that Sandra’s food is the best he has ever had. That’s why I order enough, so he will have plenty of leftovers. I have personally sampled all of Sandra’s desserts, and can attest that they are such an amazing treat!

Meg G – New Jersey

Lemon is my chocolate, and this lemon loaf satisfies every lemony craving I could possibly have. Just the right amount of bright tang and sweetness.

The blueberry loaf has so many flavor notes, and I love how they all hit your tastebuds at different times.  Leaves you with a lovely surprise with every bite.

The other amazing thing about both of Sandra’s loaves, is that the  flavors do not diminish when frozen. They should become a staple in everyones cupboard!

Dominic S. – Los Angles, Ca

I met my dear, friend Sandra, years ago in an acting class. She is an amazing actress.  But little did I know, she had even more “Black girl magic” in her baking! I can’t even begin to explain how she has blessed my taste buds with so much joy over the years, but I’ll try. I have had just about every single, one of her amazing soups and sweets. From her delicious crumble blueberry loaf, to her tangy and sweet lemon shortbread cookies w/ raspberry jam.  Her perfectly seasoned split pea soup, and the most-yummy key lime pie I’ve ever had! I can go on and on…  My go-to guilty pleasure are her chunky chocolate chip cookies w/ fleur de sel! Calgon, take me away! Do yourself a favor, and experience these heavenly morsels for yourself!

Shante M. – Lancaster, Ca

Sandra’s chocolate chip cookies are the perfect blend of chewy and crunchy delights of joy! The blueberry breakfast cake is also a favorite.  Full of fresh, sweet and tangy bites. Perfect with my morning  coffee.”

Philippe K. – Sonoma, Ca

Sandra prepared a gorgeous, decadent, rich, yet oh so light, carrot cake with walnuts, that were chopped so finely, they felt minced.  Why you ask, was the last detail so important to mention? Because, no one wants clunky nuts, scattered throughout their cake! At least,  not a cake connoisseur, like I! Everything, from the icing, to the layered flavors,  was absolutely magical.

I could feel the love that went into making my awesome birthday cake. Handcrafted by Sandra, just for me. There is no better way to celebrate a birthday, than by ordering from Sandra. And, don’t forget, her soups and other sweets are equally amazing :-)!

Pumpkin – Los Angeles, Ca

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